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Mme. de Clermont had been married at fifteen to the Comte de Choisi, who was much older than herself, and of whom she was dreadfully afraid; but he was killed at the battle of Minden, and she had just married the Comte de Clermont, who was deeply in love with her. She was young, pretty, very capricious, and a friend of Mme. de Montesson, and with all her faults never dull or tiresome, but full of merry talk and amusing stories; the Comtesse de Polignac and the Marquise de Barbantour were also among the ladies of the household [387] with whom F茅licit茅 was now associated; two much older ones were the Comtesses de Rochambault and de Montauban.

The young Comte de Genlis had left the navy, by the advice of M. de Puisieux, who had got him made a Colonel of the Grenadiers de France. [113] He had only a small estate worth about four hundred a year and the prospect of a share in the succession to the property of his grandmother, the Marquise de [368] Drom茅nil, who was eighty-seven and lived at Reims..
鈥淵ou are wrong, citoyenne, to doubt the justice of the tribunal, we have not created it to assassinate in the name of the law, but to avenge the republic and proclaim innocence.鈥.
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鈥溾楤onjour, Proven?al,鈥 [88] he said. 鈥榊ou are looking very well, and that is so much the better, ma foi! for it has never been of more importance to you. You are going to be married.鈥?
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鈥淏ut that man is your declared enemy.鈥.
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